Everyone wants to find their perfect occupation; the one that uses their dominant strengths, skills and interests, the one that leads them blissfully into retirement with plenty of resources to support the lifestyle of their dreams.

However changing demographics indicate that the future may not look so rosy.

People over fifty are realising that their retirement savings may not be enough. In addition, unforeseen health crises may force them out of the workforce.

Younger ones are having to pay more for their education. Even apart from their accumulated debts jobs are harder to find. More graduates are unable to find work in their chosen fields, and when they do it might be in positions that are not full time.

Rents and housing have become so expensive that they are forced to live much longer with their parents, or in shared accommodation.

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Perhaps we will see more multi-generational households. After all, “no man is an island”,  (John Donne).

There are two ways of thinking about this:

  • we can awfulise it and sink into despair,
  • or else find new imaginative ways to bounce into the future with zest and positivity. Our choice.

It’s good to make plans. We all feel better when we have a reason to get up in the morning, but they need to be flexible enough that when life throws unexpected challenges at us we can adapt.

Unexpected opportunities cross our paths too, sometimes they are too good to ignore even if they don’t seem so at first glance. Sometimes the challenges actually turn into opportunities and become two sides of the same coin.

So yes, make plans, but don’t have them set in concrete. Here’s a great video that helps put this in perspective, and it’s only seven minutes.

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”. Deepak Chopra

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