“Until yesterday, I didn’t have a favourite car wash. He now has my loyalty for life – and that’s what small business owners need to know … “

I live on a section of gravel road, so my car is never clean, although it may start out that way. By the time I navigate the six kilometres to reach the bitumen it is already dirty.

So yesterday I took it to an automatic car wash. The car had a lot of accumulated dust and dirt. Because I needed to take it to the workshop for a repair I thought it prudent to clean it up first.

When trying to insert my money into the slot, the manager rushed out and suggested that the pressure sprays may not be sufficient to remove all the dirt. He thought it might be better to run it through the hand wash section.

However, I was in my town clothes and had several more errands on my list, so I wasn’t keen to line myself up for a messy job.

This lovely man agreed to do it for me. In truth, he did a much better job than I ever get from a machine. He smiled and was gracious.

Until yesterday, I didn’t have a favourite car wash. He now has my loyalty for life.

Do you see what I am getting at here?

It doesn’t take much; a little kindness, service with a smile, and doing that little bit extra.

I have seen this over and over again.

It’s not just small business owners who know that to stay in business they can’t let their bad days show. It’s everyone, whether we are working for salary or wages, or trying to make a go of it in the business world, that little bit of awareness, in addition to our skill, is what makes us valuable.

What’s one thing you can do today that makes you too valuable to ignore?

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