Gandhi’s life’s work was achieving independence for India.

But in his grand efforts, his non-cooperation, fasting and abstinence made it difficult to maintain friendships and family relationships.

Family didn’t seem to be a priority for him at all in fact.

If you read about many great people like Gandhi, you will discover that the wonderful achievements they made for the benefit of their country and humanity took a tremendous toll on their family and relationships.

Big jobs that demand a lot of time and energy can certainly pay better usually, but the costs to your home and personal life can be high.

Are you trying to be a Gandhi and make work is an all-consuming life mission?

Or are other things more important? Family time? Personal time? Other things?

Yes, important work takes a commitment in time and energy, but perhaps a  simple tweak (a phone call, a kind gesture, even 10 minutes of quality time) in your life that can remind you and those close to you that the relationships are important.

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