Here we are at the second half of the year already and mid winter/ midsummer in the northern hemisphere. The sun has just turned in its annual cycle, ready move southwards again. The rush of the tax cycle has passed and we are either enjoying the peace that’s offered, suffering mid-season colds, like me, or gearing up towards the next period of activity.

I usually enjoy the brief lull at this time of the year, and it’s often when I take holidays, mostly to escape the cold winters where I live. But whether I do or not it’s a good time to take stock and reassess what direction I’m taking.

These are some of the things I like to consider:

1. Healthy Eating Yes, I know, when it’s cold outside it’s tempting to stock up on comfort food, movies and sitting by the fire. Usually the first parts of healthy lifestyle to drop out are exercise and healthy eating because it seems like a lot of trouble. We know that if we are in good health we can cope better with the odd cold, if we are lucky we might even be able to avoid it altogether. If not then perhaps we can aim for a speedy recovery. Winter is a great time lots of lovely soups and stews packed with veggies, lean meat, beans that can be prepared in bulk when you have time. Avoid things with sugar and refined carbohydrates. Hot apple pie with custard, and steamed puddings are so yummy, just don’t eat them every day and keep the servings small.

2. Exercise might be the last thing you feel like, so make it fun. Put on some upbeat music in the mornings and dance your way  around the house as you get ready for the day.

3. Sleep is often what we skimp on, but taking care to get 7-9 hours every night boosts productivity, zest for life and resilience following illness. A bit extra might be needed when our bodies are recovering from illness.

4. Direction A good time to reassess plans for the year. Have a look through this list below and give yourself a rating out of 10 for each. Congratulate yourself for the things that are going well, even if it only seems small. Then pick one thing and think of something that would raise your score by one point, and do it now. Not tomorrow, something small that you can do now:

Career or professional life

Relationships with friends and family

Inner peace

Home or office environment

Social support

Learning or personal growth

Fun or creativity

5. Polish up your CV It doesn’t matter whether you are actively looking for work or not, it’s useful to look it over, consider any new skills you may have learned recently, modifications you have made to your professional life, any skills you need to develop and whether any of your values have changed. Even if you run your own business this check of your skills and values is useful.

Here’s a bonus point; be kind. Be kind to yourself as well as others. It makes the world a better place.

Do you have any other ideas? I’d love to hear them

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