When work isn’t going as you’d planned, the “perfect” job no longer looks so wonderful, you’ve been laid off or you are wanting to return to work after an absence on one hand the choices can seem overwhelming; on the other hand, you aren’t sure what your options are.

Here are five ways to get clear …

1. Look after yourself first. Anxiety can result in difficulty sleeping, eating things you know you really shouldn’t and not having enough exercise. These are the three big things that contribute to your physical wellbeing. Add to that a few minutes each day when you replace mindless internal chatter with one of the following:

2. Take yourself out into nature; a garden, park, beach if it is handy and concentrate on what you see, hear, feel (breezes, the sun, the ground under your feet), and smell. Notice your breathing, Consciously slow it down. Or just sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed. When you notice runaway thoughts just gently bring your focus back to your breath. These brief acts of mindfulness can dramatically improve your sleep, make you feel more positive and help your decision-making.

3. Take a sheet of paper and draw three columns. Make a list of every job you have had in the first column. In the second list the things that you did well and the things you liked. Highlight the things you would like more of. In the third column list the negative aspects and highlight the things you would not want to do again under any circumstances. Note also your childhood dreams. Now look for the common elements. Remember there is no such thing as the perfect job; all have elements that are less pleasant but have to be done. We can tolerate these when the good aspects outweigh the bad.

4. Take a career assessment. There are some good free ones online and also some that have a fee. An internet search will yield several. One free assessment tool is Myfuture, which is also linked to the Job Guide that describes all known occupations and the qualifications required, and Job Outlook, a careers and labour market research information site. Another general assessment tool is the Self-Directed Search. This does have a small fee. It breaks possible careers into six categories. Your results will be a combination of three categories specific to your interests and a list of possible options. The Jobzology website has a comprehensive assessment, also for a fee.You will be lead through a variety of questions about what you value, your interests, skills, education level, etc. It will generate a report for you that analyses your responses and offers useful suggestions. There is bound to be something that interests you.

5. Read my guide, Motivating Mondays: 11 Steps to Make Work Exciting Again.

Then if you are still confused call me for a free Career Booster Call now.

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